for signs and FOR WONDERS

Chioma Ukwa was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and studied….at… ….university. Evolving from a professional career as a staff nurse in Montreal, Canada, Ukwa  followed the lead of the holy spirit, gave into self denial, took up her cross and obeyed the call of God; becoming an Evangelist with a mission ‘from the room to the world’.

End Time Jerusalem


She then birthed the End Time Jerusalem Healing and Deliverance Ministries in 2013 in the Gulf, Middle East under the Prophetic Scripture of Jeremiah 51:20, a nonprofit evangelistic organization that lifts and raises the young Generation for Christ and touches lives in every aspect through revival meetings, missions’ deployment and motivational sessions.

Ukwa’s From Room to the World message has led her to touch lives in different countries of the world from the Mediterranean gulf to the Philippines, India, Pakistan in Asia, through South African and back home in Nigeria, where she is determined to use her story and revival meetings to inspire young Nigerians to build self confidence and become dynamic people who can make a difference in their communities and the world at large.

Even as an accomplished Human Resources expert, Writer and Motivational speaker, Ukwa greatest fulfillment in evangelism,“…the word of God is therapy, and without the word of God, I find that people are in bondage and captivity…” Through the word of God, she has been able to challenge her generation, motivate them to stand out and signs and wonders have accompanied her ministrations everywhere she goes.

The delectable and pragmatic evangelist believes in a God of every tongue and tribe and through hardwork, discipline and grace has become a model for women and youths with stories of inspiration, counsel, and guidance to the newborn church,”…Just obey and yield to the call and just believe God with your future”.

Her influence is enormous when it comes to issues of worship, faith, administration, health, family life, education, and many other aspects of the growing church.  When she is not on a mission ministering hope and faith across the globe, she writes and listens to Jazz music. She instructionally admonishes every child of God not to let their background put them on the ground, “…Step up in faith and you will do extra ordinary things, because you are an extra ordinary being…”